Cycle Against Suicide 2014 – Are you ready?


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Pictureboots.comCycle Against Suicide 2014 is coming close and if last year is anything to go by, it’s going to be a super adventure. The Pictureboots Photography Team was amongst others who traveled with the cycle last year photographing every step of the way.

Pictureboots.comFor this year’s 2014 Cycle Against Suicide event, we are doing much of the same, except this time we are going to be present for the entire 14 days of the cycle.

14 days traveling around the country of Ireland, stopping off at various schools along the way, to share this message:

“It’s ok not to feel ok, and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help”. Pictureboots.comThe main objective of the Cycle is to raise awareness of the considerable help and supports that are available for anyone battling depression, self harm, at risk of suicide or those bereaved by suicide.

Shoulder to shoulder, cyclists as well as everyone else involved are doing their part in creating awareness about mental health and the idea of talking about

When you see this orange army cycle into town, it will surely get you talking. Then you learn that they’re just normal people coming together with a shared idea and a common message!!

Together, shoulder to shoulder, we can Break the Cycle of Suicide on the Island of Ireland!”

So, day one of Cycle Against Suicide starts Monday 28th of April 2014, at RTA ‘s Studio, Donnybrook, Dublin 4. The cycle starts at 10.15am and makes its way to St Mary’s College, Naas Co. Kildare for approx. 12.30pm. From here it will leave Naas and head to St.Leo’s College Carlow. If you are in Naas or Carlow Monday, be sure to come out to see what all the buzz is about.

You’d never know who you mite bump into 😉

Pictureboots will be busy photographing and processing the images for the Cycle Against Suicide’s facebook page , so make sure to check it out on a daily basis.

You can also follow whats going on via twitter, @CASuicide & @pictureboots

Thanks for reading,

The Pictureboots Team.