A Confirmation Celebration


Comments are off May 27, 2014 Confirmation , , -2020When you think of Confirmation photos you tend to think of the photographer arranged by the school or the photographer greeting you outside the church.

Either way you’ve got to get that picture of your child’s special

We first met Mandy at a 50th birthday party a few months back, our photobooth was hired for the night and after seen our set up, Mandy asked if we do Confirmations? Our answer was simple, you can hire us for anything! If you have an event or family gathering we can bring the studio to -1904

And that’s what we did. Set up in the family home, Mandy and her family took full advantage of our professional service. Each family had a visit to the pop up studio that we had set up, and everyone left with beautiful pictures in

What more could you ask for ?

Maybe some fun for the kids I guess, so to break away from the formal end of things we opened up the suitcase of props and let the kids go wild, photobooth style!!!

Formal portraits for the grown ups and photo fun for the young adults, every ones a winner!!

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves,

The Pictureboots Team.