Curragh Cancer Crusaders – Shave Or Dye


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pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-20084Shave or dye is Today FM’s annual charity drive to benefit the Irish Cancer Society. This started in 2010, and has been support for the many people who are going through, or have gone through, cancer treatment themselves. If you’ve read one of our previous blog posts, you will know that we have taking photographs for Daffodil day, which is also in aid of the Irish Cancer society.


pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-20066 pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-20078 pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-20096 pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-20128Friends and family come together every year to support this cause. This was the second year Pictureboots was involved in the Curragh Cancer Crusaders, Shave or dye that was held in The Curragh’s Rising Sun. It was an eventful day with music, face painting, raffles, great prizes and laughter all around!

pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-20011 pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-29981 pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-20003Our photobooth went down a treat 🙂 pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-20022 pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-20106 pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-20110 pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-20112 copy pictureboots-shave-or-dye-todayfm-curragh-29994

We love seeing people and a community come together for support and involvement! Every one of us holds something dear to our heart and it’s the love and passion that allows us to share this!

If you would like to get involved or be apart of this cause, just follow this link

Well done to everybody involved,

The Pictureboots Team

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