Cycle Against Suicide – The Wrap Party Photobooth


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cas14-day12-Portadown Rugby-dean-web-0050 All things come to an end, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop!cas14-day12-Portadown Rugby-dean-web-0052After the hectic 14 days on the road, the Cycle Against Suicide has done its full circle, paving the path for next year. I think it’s been a journey and a half for all involved, and the positivity and good vibrations raised by everybody has left chills, speechlessness and just beauty beyond words!cas14-day14-garda boat-dean-web-1364

cas14-day14-garda boat-dean-web-1337 cas14-day14-garda boat-dean-web-1462 cas14-day14-garda boat-dean-web-1436 cas14-day14-garda boat-dean-web-1429 cas14-day14-garda boat-dean-web-1398cas14-day14-garda boat-ella-web-25026The Pictureboots Team have been slow to get this blog post up online, as you can imagine 14days away from the office brings a massive amount of catching up to do. Not only that we went straight back into the picture taken, nevertheless this is how it went down!!

The Wrap party was held in the Button factory, located in Dublin City’s buzzing Temple Bar area.Us here at Pictureboots, wouldn’t normally travel around Ireland photographing cycling events, although we did get a shot of the Giro D’Italia as it passed us in Skerries, these guys moved alot faster than the CAS participants and kinda caught us of guard! But two cycle events in the one day, that’s something!

Our photography company is built around the Photo Booth experience as well as event photography. So, doing what we do we set up The Pictureboots Photo Booth at the venue, we brought the props and everybody let their alter egos take over. I think its safe to say everyone enjoyed the experience and got some nice pictures to bring home and remember the night events come to an end, these memories last a lifetime.

It has been a privilege for us here at Pictureboots to be apart of this journey, to have met amazing people and to help in playing a part of creating a phenomenal amount of awareness that will reach beyond what we can think of, a message that is reaching the whole world!!!

Well done to all involved and that big thank you to the local home stay people, even more so if you put up a photographer or two along the way, we are still overwhelmed by the hospitality.

A snowball effect has been created and its bound to reach everybody.

It is not 6 degrees of separation any more, it is 3 degrees (if not less)

Thank you very much,

The Pictureboots Team.

Ps. “It’s ok not to feel ok and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help”