Helen Durneys 70th Birthday – Photobooth


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moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3732The new and improved Moorefiled GAA club house was the venue for Helen Durneys 70th birthday. Helen is very much involved with Moorefiled GAA, if the truth be known, one would say she lives for the place.

moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3649 moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3662 moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3776 moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3844Doing what we do best, The Pictureboots Team brought The Photobooth Experience, to the clubhouse located just out side of Newbridge, Co. Kildare. What is The Photobooth Experience, you mite ask ? well it’s just like a photobooth, but instead of a kiosk style photobooth, ours is an open studio. The joy of this is that more people can fit into the shot, which is perfect for getting that family picture of the entire family.moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen--5moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3608

moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3521 moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3530 moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3545moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3689 What’s also different about what we do compared to the actual booth style kiosks, is that you actually have a professional photographer to take your picture. This is the perfect solution for group shots. Our photographers will tell you where to stand, even shake you a little if you are looking too tense and awkward. Our photobooth experience is most definitely one to remember, maybe you like the fun and funky props, or you just want to keep it normal, the choice is yours!

moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3566 moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3831The Durneys sure know how to throw a good party. There was all sorts of action going on apart from the photobooth. One of Helen’s grand children, put on a display of Irish dancing, and it wasn’t too long before the dance floor was buzzing. The DJ for the night, was DJ MURT, and if his DJ set up isn’t amazing enough as it is, this guy really knows how to get a party crowd moving. Hats off to the DJ.

moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3812 moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3840 moorefield-gaa-photobooth-70th-helen-3692 Our blog is a way of us giving you a bit of an insight into how the night went. If you attended the party, this page will help you relive the night.

Thanks to all involved,

The Pictureboots Team.

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