Irish National Stud – Fun for the kids


Comments are off Mar 24, 2014 Events , , week we went along to the Irish National Stud, just outside Kildare Town, its only 40 minutes from Dublin City Centre, you can take exit 13 off the M7 and you wont be to far away. The reason for the Pictureboots visit was to photograph families an there young children as they visited the Pony stables in the Kildare yard. was great excitement when “Blue” was brought out into the yard. The young visitors were very excited, and one by one they took turns in riding the pony around the yard. While on the saddle and holding on tight they were led around the stable yard by one of the National Studs stable grooms. It was great to see the small children, so proud and brave as they where led around the

After we finished up in the yard we went down to see the Falabella, miniature horses, with a bucket full of carrots and with no fear, the children took their time taking turns to feed “Homer”, this Falabella was very coooool!

We hope you agree with us in that these pictures are great, and we highly recommend that you take a visit.

For the Easter period, 17th to the 27th of April daily at, 11:30-1pm and 2-3:30pm, any of the young visitors to the Irish National Stud are welcome to visit the Kildare yard and enjoy some pony riding. Also, there will be a brand new playground opening up just in time for the Easter holidays.

Once your finished why not take a tour around the rest of the stud and the well renowned Japanese Gardens. By this stage you should have worked up a bit of an appetite, so to top it off they’ve got a restaurant there with plenty of hot foods and sweet things to choose

There’s a great day out to be had and its not to be missed.

Please share with your family and friends if you think that they mite like to bring the children for a visit!!


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