Kathy’s 40th Birthday- Photobooth Studio- Kildare


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We joined in on the celebrations with Kathy for her 40th birthday.

We had the photobooth studio set up in the upstairs venue of Cunningham’s in Kildare Town.


pictureboots.com-kathys-40th-7403Kathy had a “Black & White” theme as the dress code, this was a super addition to the night. Everyone went all out and it made for great pictures.

Our photobooth is an open air set up, this is perfect for getting large groups of people in the shot, especially compared to the photobooth kiosks which only allow for up to 4 people to get in.pictureboots.com-kathys-40th-214308

To make the party even better, Kathy went with our “Buy-out option”.

This meant that everyone got unlimited access as well as an unlimited amount of free prints to take home from the night.

Hope you all had a great night!!!


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For more information on our photobooth hire in the Kildare or Dublin area, drop us a mail.

We have two options,

1. Your guests purchase their own prints.

2. You pay a buy out fee, and your guest get their prints for free.

Or visit our Facebook Page – Pictureboots