Katie Delaney’s 21st Birthday Photobooth


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katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4096The Pictureboots Photobooth made its way to Kent Mess, in The Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, for Katie Delaney 21st. . It hasn’t been our first time out here with our photobooth, and party nights out in the Curragh always seem to be mighty Craic.

katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4103katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4115 DJ for the night was once again DJ Murt, if you’ve been following our blog you will have seen his name mentioned before. And as stated before, he always pulls off a good show!!

When you enter a party and you see our set up you straight away know what’s going on, if the backdrop and studio lights are a bit daunting, the selection of props on display will easily distract you while you submerge into that Photobooth experience.katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4239 katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4225 katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4211 katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4200 katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4185

It’s always nice to see some familiar faces as we set up at different events, and its good to see that people are enjoying the Photobooth buzz again and again.

Their was a big crowd out to celebrate with Katie for her 21st birthday party and from what we saw it looked as if you all had a good time.katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4370

katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4316 katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4315 katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4192 katie-21st-photobooth-event-photography-4181We hope you enjoyed the experience and maybe these pictures will bring back some flashbacks of the night.

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