Lauren & David celebrate Lola’s Christening


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Christening--studio-event-photography-4572Lauren and David joined together with friends and family to bring baby Lola to The Curragh Church for what was to be a very special day for everyone involved, the christening of Lola.

pictureboots-christening-church-photography-4436 pictureboots-christening-church-photography-4385 pictureboots-christening-church-photography-4428 pictureboots-christening-church-photography-4434 pictureboots-christening-church-photography-4438 pictureboots-christening-church-photography-4446 pictureboots-christening-church-photography-4449 pictureboots-christening-church-photography-4415 pictureboots-christening-church-photography-4414 pictureboots-christening-church-photography-4480The miracle of life is a gift that God alone can give, and raising a child in His truth is one of the greatest gifts we can offer back to Him. May He give you countless joys in the wonderful years ahead.

Christening--studio-event-photography-4538 Christening--studio-event-photography-4535 Christening--studio-event-photography-4525 Christening--studio-event-photography-4499 Christening--studio-event-photography-4496 Christening--studio-event-photography-4493 Christening--studio-event-photography-4601 Christening--studio-event-photography-4629As well as having great pictures from the christening ceremony, We set up our photobooth studio in Judge Roy Beans where the family and friends gathered for the christening party. This is the best way to capture memories for years to come. We were delighted to have photographed this family’s five generations.

Christening--studio-event-photography-4609Christening--studio-event-photography-4624Congratulations on baby Lola’s Christening. Hope you all had a wonderful day and wishing you all a life blessed with love, health and happiness.

The Pictureboots Team

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