One Year Old- Pictureboots Celebrates


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On this day one year ago, we first set up The pictureboots Page. What a year it’s been!!! Who would of thought a photography business idea meant, less time shooting and more time sitting at a computer screen. We knew the business venture was going to change things but we didn’t see that coming!!!

To our clients and past customers, well we salute you!!! We are proud to say that we have done our utmost to serve you, not just by taking good photos, we hope? But by the energy and professionalism we have created by been in your presence.

house-party-photography-birthday From our humble beginnings {I’v always wanted to say that}, we have worked hard at making our service better and now that we are up and running, we hope to evolve it further. Just recently, we have seen the launch of our website and blog. The blog is especially important to us, as we plan to use it to not just to up load our recent event, but as a showcase to the event that you have spent time on organising. Once we photograph your event, we will create a blog post to showcase and highlight it. In the digital age that we are in today, the advancements in technology, and as much as we believe that photos should be physically printed and displayed correctly on your walls, we also take into consideration your social network needs, we want you to be presented well! _D130538 deankelly pictureboots 2013-2058 eh-6069 eh-135085 EH1_3617 EH1_3640We are a growing photography company, and our mission from day one has been to work hard to create something new. Been a photographer is one thing, running a photography company is another thing and with all this going on, we as people need to evolve! We at Pictureboots are about more than just the picture. We are about your experience. So on that note, we haven’t invented the idea of photography and we don’t plan to reinvent it. We plan to make your experience with photography, an enjoyable experience! Weather you are having fun with our funky props during a wedding party photobooth or you and your family are getting that family portrait updated, what ever the occasion you can be sure that it will be a memorable one. Thank you kindly for your support, and believe this, it matters! When you hit that Like button, you make us happy. When you hit that share button, we go viral. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A NEW IDEA, The Pictureboots Team. deankellyphotography 2012 -2952