Stacey’s 21st Birthday – Photobooth


Comments are off May 27, 2014 Birthday, Photo Booth, Photography , , better way to celebrate your birthday than to hire a photo booth. Unlike the traditional photo booth that limits you to small groups and only prints you a photo booth strip, The Pictureboots Photo Booth experience is something different. We set up a mobile studio which allows you and your guests plenty of room for group shots, not to mention you take control of what size print you take

And that’s exactly what Stacey did for her 21st birthday celebrations. Located on the Naas to Newbridge road, Toughers Bar & Restaurant was the venue of choice for the birthday party didn’t take long to get under way, and after a few drinks the photo booth became popular with all sorts of props be used. It always takes a few drinks more for the wilder side of people to come out to play!!

It was a fun night for our team of photographers, so we can only imagine that you guys all had fun.

If you were at the party make sure to like our facebook page, we dont mind if you tell your friends to hire us either 😉

Hope you enjoyed the night Stacey, memories to last a life time!!!

The Pictureboots Team.