Surprise!!! A double 50th celebration!


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Turning 50 must be a great mile stone in life, all the great stories and experiences you must have. Now imagine that feeling topped with the idea of turning 50 with your loved one.

Well that’s the case for this couple Anthony and Patricia , both celebrating their 50th birthday together with friends, family and of course The Pictureboots Team.

Doing this kinda gig the our team kinda get around the place, I guess our name kinda states that, pictureboots!!! We travel from venue to venue setting up our photobooth and creating an enjoyable experience worth remembering. The venue for this party, was Fallons of Kilcullen and what a venue it was. If you are looking to hire out a venue for your next party, you should check it out. was a little bit of confusion from our end, regarding the booking for this party. A few days before the actual event we went to do a recce, seen as it was the first time that we were hired to do a photobooth in Fallons. The staff of Fallons informed us that there was no 50th booked for that date, only a 21st!! A little bit of panic kicked in, but turns out the double 50th, was disguised as a 21st for the same family.

So Anthony and Patricia, arrived at the “21st” only to discover that the party was for them!!! Very clever, and hats off to Colleen and everyone else involved!!

You even got us on this one!


Unlike many of the other photobooth companys we are actual photographers, not only do we offer a photobooth service we can capture your event like no other, that moment of shock and surprise caught on camera!!! encourage people at the party to get the formal shots at the beginning, because once the party gets going and the drinks are flowing, the formalities are out the window. Once them studio lights start flashing, it gets every ones attention and then the Q for photos LIGHTS, CAMERAS, ACTION!

The photobooth got a great reaction with the crowd and our table of funky props went down a real treat.

Big thanks to Anthony, Patricia and everyone who attended the party, we hope your pictures are displayed nicely on your

Also a big thanks to Mary and the staff of Fallons, hope we see our photobooth hired for your venue more often!!

You can find us on facebook, where we will upload more of the pictures in the coming days 🙂

The Pictureboots Team.