Teach Dara, Kildare Town – Open Day


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Today marked the second birthday since the opening of Teach Dara Community & Family Centre, Kildare Town. And what better way to celebrate it, but to hold an opening

The mission statement for the centre is “To bring the community of Kildare Town together under one roof”. The De La Salle Brothers, donated the building to St. Brigid’s Parish when they left Kildare in 2004 and It was given by the Parish for the development of a Community and Family Centre on a 45-year lease. So its safe to say that this project is going to be around for another while.

Pictureboots went along to the opening day and after a short while there, you can’t help the feeling of welcome. There’s lots going over there and the notice boards are filled with activities. If you don’t know about whats going on over there or if you simply have an idea and need a space, We highly suggest that you take a visit in person or check out their Facebook page – CLICK HERE

Many people came to show their support and to have a look at the building and thanks to Sarah and her crew, their was plenty to eat and drink. Former Lilywhite hero Glenn Ryan was present to say a few words, and he also helped in cutting of the cake. You couldn’t help but notice Glenn was drinking water while everyone else was sipping tea, I was thinking he must be in training of some sort.

Then we all learned he has given up tea for lent!!!