Teresa 50th Birthday with The Pictureboots Photobooth


Comments are off Mar 5, 2014 Birthday, Photo Booth, Photography , , , It was a Saturday night in Ryston Club, Newbridge Co. Kildare. And the occasion was for Teresa who was celebrating her 50th birthday. Teresa, didn’t book The Pictureboots Photobooth and from what we know she had no idea that there was going to be professional photographers at her party, until the day before when her close friends spilled the beans. Teresa’s friends knew that she loves the idea of photographs, memories to last forever! And the idea of getting disposable cameras for each of the tables was talked about so that guests could snap each other.

What a better idea it was to hire in the Pictureboots Team for the night!! At first we could hear guests as they arrived asking: ”What’s going on here?” making reference to the full studio set up hiding down the back corner of Ryston’s party hall.

After the Dj, local man Fergie Pearson, made the announcement that the Photobooth was now open, we knew now that the games had begun. The queue formed with everyone eyeing up the display of props, what happen next in the Photobooth is a visual experience for you to relive the night and life long memories for Teresa.

There was an abundance of hairdressers present and for anyone reading this, that wasn’t there, if you get a chance to party with a bunch of hairdressers DO IT!! Mighty Craic indeed!!!

Thank you everyone for smiles and banter and we hope your photographs end up nicely displayed on your walls!!!

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