The Brennan’s Family Photobooth


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Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth--4The Pictureboots Team brought The Photobooth Experience down to Kilkenny for a night to help Maurice and his family celebrate his 50th birthday. This was a homely party; the kitchen was jammed with friends, family and hotpots of curry. Our photobooth was setup in the spacious living room and added a great excitement to the nightBrennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2643

Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2915 Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2897 Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2883 Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2858This was our first time in Kilkenny and the photobooth went down a real treat. The craic was mighty when the Kilkenny “Cats” team jerseys came out to play, and with us been from Kildare, a Lilly White county, the football banter took over.Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2765 Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2750 Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2746 Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2743

If the Brennan family is anything to go by, we really hope this isn’t our last time to visit Kilkenny, next time we’ll invest in Kildare football jerseys just to add a extra bit of energy to the room 😉Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2647

Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2714kilkenny-photobooth-event-photography-2822If you know Maurice and his gang, nothing less would be expected having them all in the one room, let alone having a selection of crazy props to funk things up. If you are reading the Pictureboots blog for the first time, these images are a great visual to what we do. We come to your party or your event, and we don’t just bring a bag of props and fancy equipment, we bring an abundance of energy, which transforms into fun, which we capture.

Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2810If you are planning an event or a party, you should be leaving the photography to the professionals, this allows you to enjoy the night and receive great results in return. Our event photography team is skilled and experienced in many ways. Contact us today, to talk about your event.Brennans-kilkenny-photobooth-2829If you like what you see you can also contact us via our Facebook page.